Our Services

Our bread and butter is that we can take a story and make it newsworthy, resulting in a higher chance of coverage in your desired publications. We can ensure that you have all the ingredients to make a story interesting and relevant. We are experts in making your messages press-ready and distribute them through our unrivalled contact network. Our goal is to generate first-class press coverage for your company.

Never underestimate the power of impressive photography when delivering a PR campaign. In fact a good image is sometimes just as important as the story. Investing in some relevant and powerful imagery to support your PR campaign will often be the difference between success or not. At Building Relations we work in partnership with some excellent industry photographers and by doing so, we will make sure your story has the best chance of success.

Whether you are looking to reach out to your local community, connect with local authorities or simply raise awareness of your company or property for sale, we can formulate a plan to make this happen. If you want to work with local schools, generate site specific newsletters or highlight relevant PR and sponsorship opportunities, a local community relations campaign can be worth its weight in gold.

We are experienced in event management so if you are holding an event, or need us to organise and run one on your behalf, we can advise you. Whether you are looking to host a VIP or you want to find a local celebrity to attend an event, or simply want to know how to let everyone know about it, we can assist you.

An award for excellence is the best recognition that your company can have. Not only can we suggest which ones are right for you, we can also write the entry and work with a team of expert designers who take our words and create a beautifully presented submission. We will work with you to make your submission stand out from the crowd.

PR is not just about creating positive publicity, it is about managing unforeseen events that could risk damaging your company’s reputation. In such circumstances, we can manage the situation and keep your reputation intact. We believe that instead of hiding from an issue, in most cases you have to deal with it and Building Relations can help you do this with confidence.

The property industry can no longer ignore the digital world – and at Building Relations, our team are experts in digital marketing and encourage companies to embrace the digital revolution. This support ranges from developing digital and social media strategies, including engagement with influencers, getting websites SEO friendly, providing ideas for content marketing, social media training and advice on paid social media advertising.

Building Relations’ team of videographers and experienced editors know all the right ingredients to produce the most engaging videos. The team, who use state-of-the-art cameras and experienced editors, means our video production services stand apart from the rest.